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entrar en contacto con el gobierno interino en falls church virginia el congresista jim moran quiere ser el co-patrocinador del nuevo proyecto de ley de reforma migratoria con el congresistap que el camino a legalizacion de los indocumentados no sera facil ... jose angel guirre nos amplia la informacion... el congresista jim moran de virginia quiere ser el copatrocinador del proyecto de ley de reforma migratoria junto con el congresista luis gutierrez que podria re abrir el debate migratoria el proximo mes y vino a esta esta iglesia metodista en falls church virginia a platicar el proyecto con la comunidad no va hacer facil pasar la reforma migratoria les voy decir que vamos hacer pero no les puedo promoter que va a pasar la reforma ... nosotros tenemos que hacer valer nuestras voces y peticiones ellos los congresistas no van apoyar la reforma migratoria africanos asiaticos , arabes cristianos y musulmanes y latinos volvieron a reunirse para empezar a buscar el movimiento que reactive la marchas y peticiones a favor de la legaliza
over and inch and leesburg, virginia over an inch as well. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >>> in addition to the rain, some of our neighbors to the south saw some stomps. a lightning strike killed a college student from maryland near where he was swimming. john sackett died in wrightsville ach, north carolina. witnesses say thaw saw him struggle and go under after the lightning strike. rescuers performed cpr but were not able to save him. >> najibullah zazi was close to pulling off an attack in new york according to police he grew up and worked as a coffee cart vendor. he was caught on tape buying gallons of chemicals at a local beauty supply shop. >> new yorker who ran a coffee cart, a nice guy, a smart guy, an articulate guy, an engaging person. someone you would never suspect as a terrorist. those are the worst kind. >> counterterrorism officials call nazi a homegrown terror suspect. >>> there was a massive emergency preparedness drill in northern virginia, simulating several simultaneous bombings. this drill in crystal city was a fake train explosion. six men have bee
yards, 35-21. noel devine and his west virginia team leading auburn by one, 21-20. >> some speed there too. >> some speed there. this one delayed due to weather. but a second half coming up in just a bit. in 25 years, global energy consumption will increase by 50%. to meet demand, we'll need to harness the power of sun... wind... waves... and atoms. but that's not enough. today, we need oil. which means before we drill for oil, we drill for data. we can create 3d models of hidden reserves. find new oil in old wells. extend the life of a field. reduce the need for new drilling. smarter resources... to fuel the smarter planet. that's what i'm working on. i'm an ibmer. let's build a smarter planet. to run through the ballcarrier and miss him. >> mark: brown pushed out of bounds. you are know, what, he played on coach huggins' basketball team. seems to use the pump fake pretty good. >> bob: one thing i noticed he gets sloppy in ball security. sat some point you might give a pump fake but hold it high and tight. ted roof, his defense is under duress. >> mark: brown escapes again and t
promise you the contrast between the visiting locker room for west virginia compared to that taj mahal. that's a heck of an advantage for the auburn tigers right now. >> mark: bo jackson one of the best ever to play. mark rodgers here takes a me in the end zone. let's check in with wendi in the studio >> wendi: mark, thank you. cincinnati on the road at oregon state keep an eye on marty gilyard on the receiving end of a pass from tony pike. 28-18, 312 yards and two touchdowns so far for pike. >> mark: cincinnati moving up. kelly did a great job. >> bob: the university of cincinnati and the commitment they've made to be a big-time player since entering the big east. they've done a remarkable job there. >> mark: see how jarrett brown responds after flowing that interception which lead to the field goal a moment ago. noel devine who has had a devine night so far. gain of one on the play and right now noel devine a big part of the story line, 84 yards and a couple of touchdowns rushing coming up in just a few moment, davie jones' locker, bob and i will talk more about vincent edward jackso
it is west virginia, virginia tech, or virginia rutgers, there will be a rivalry involved. even though we have not played a whole lot, that is there. >> and you have a big match up people to watch here tomorrow afternoon. virginia tech, miami. the have the tiger by the tail. they have at the very surprising high-powered hurricanes. >> i think folks understand how serious and important this game is. will not have any trouble getting that across. >> they plan very well. we have to go out and play our best. >> popped popcorn, we have a couple of great games for you. miami, virginia tech at 3:30. at 8:00, i know it takes on penn state. -- i know it takes on penn state. -- iowa takes on penn state. tiger has trouble taking the long pot, but he saved par. he finished the day 5 under, leading the field by one stroke. the nationals come home tonight trying to get back on the winning track. at 7:00, they try to but another in the losslo the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder. before taking it on, one must study it first. rushing in unprepared may prove overwhelming... with all tha
right there. heading in to virginia 395 northbound seeing a little volume pick up between duke and seminary. no problems to the 14th street bridge and 95 northbound in virginia, we are slow from the prince william parkway to lorton. 15 minutes right now and building. >>> metro movies a half million people each day and now they are preparing for the h1n1 flu. it is a story that is new this morning on 9 news now. armando trull is joining us live. >> metro says the plan that it had to deal with any h1n1 outbreak follows the best practices set up world wide to address any pandemic and they are confident it will work here in case h1n1 rears. metro is taking pro active steps to make sure the transportation system doesn't become a breeding ground for the h1n1 flu this season. this includes stepping up an aggressive cleaning schedule for environmentally friendly cleaner. >> disinfectant on the stations. >> reporter: metro is educating workers on hygiene and installed hand sanitizers for staff. the p.-a system will make frequent announcements reminding passengers to wash their hands an
. in frederick west virginia down 340 light showers up to the martinsburg area and too the south across ceprin georges and charles county, southern maryland to the northern neck you see the activity. it is moving west northwest. fairfax and prince williall cro and light sprinkles on 95 here in a while. near 70 this afternoon with rain moving in late. here's angie with the traffic. >>> welcome to a new hour. happy thursday to you. get started with this accident on the gw parkway at 823. we have a situation where a driver has hit a deer. as a result of this, drivers are losing the right lane. expect some minor delays if you plan to hit this road right now. moving over to leesburg an update for the accident on market street. also known as route 7. it still remains closed at river creek parkway going westbound but eastbound lanes have opened up. moving over to 395. it looks like no problems from duke street to the 14th street bridge. to the maps, route 4, route 5 and crane highway. we will get there. showing you this is an incident and accident free zone. typical volume at this time. on the outer
or belle three times a weekend. her parties in virginia cost about $200. little pampered princess parties based in waldorf, maryland charges $600 to host a party for eight kids and there's princess secrets of reston, virginia. $450 for 12 kids. so why are they popular with little girls? >> everybody wants to be aspirationally something bigger, larger than life and i think the princesses capture these young girls emotions and imaginations. >> the commercial power of the princess isn't going away anytime soon. disney releases know white on defend and blue ray and the newest princess tiana makes a debut in the princess and the frog. we of course have million million costumes. snow white is likely to be a big seller. >> i actually considered being snow white. >> thank you so much for that animated report. >>> well, grownups they dressed up last night for a fashion to fight poverty event in georgetown. it was the dress responsibly look book. it honors ethical designers in toe world of fashion. >>> ahead, kristin fisher goes in search of a local high school heros. >>> and in ten minutes a new r
sentence the teen to ten years in prison. >>> virginia state police have released video of what they say is an alleged car jacker running away from a crash scene. you may recall the story of a woman who was car jacked from a shopping center in gainesville, virginia and then forced to ride with the suspect on september 17th. he then led police on a chase before crashing in prince georges county, maryland. this is new released video from virginia state police. and they say the man, seen here, running away from the crash scene, is the same carjacking suspect who led them on a chase in to maryland. police also released a sketch of what the suspect looks like. he is believed to be armed and dangerous, but if you have any information that may lead to an arrest in this case, please call virginia state police. >>> police took a driver and two passengers in to custody after a wild scene on new york avenue northeast. the suspect's car flipped over on to its roof. dc police say the driver apparently tried to run over an officer who was helping another motorist. that officer opened fire. the driver
off with a live shot of 95 in virginia. heading northbound, delayed from the prince william parkway to lorton. no surprise there. continuing on to 395. here's the shot. northbound we are seeing a little volume from duke to stepping to seminary. you are clear approaching the 14th street bridge. we will move it over to 66. heading eastbound we are slow from 550 to 123. that delay is building up nicely. checking out the outer loop in maryland, volume from new hampshire to georgia but no slow goes on the topped soft the beltway and end with 95 and the bw parkway out of baltimore past 198 toward powder mill and beyond. notice nothing but green cars botch drought both drives are look great. back to you. >>> the fbi is working several angles for the investigation of bribes in dc's taxi cab industry industry. alex tree seen owe is live in norse with more. >> the fbi probe includes alleged bribes at the vehicle inspection station southwest. our sources say both dc council member and his chief of staff were on tape talking with who they thought was a cab company representative, when in all ac
of georgia avenue. your ride will start to back up around the new hampshire area. in virginia 66 eastbound. below speed from 50 to 123. right now plus five minutes for that stretch of the drive. to the inner loop we go. to the maps, 95 to 6 no issues and if you are going to the district and planning to cross that key bridge, here's the shot. volume light making our way on to m street. andrea, that's a quick look at traffic. now, over to you. >>> at one after the hour we are following breaking news out of fairfax county, virginia. firefighters are on the scene of a two-alarm house fire and having a problem with an open gas line. the home is ons by toe drive in annandale. alex trevino is live with the latest. >> reporter: we are on the street in the town of annandale. fire and rescue crews are conducting a search at the house where the fire went up in flames a little while ago. 50 firefighters responded toe the blaze. the home appears to have been vacant. neighbors say no one had lived in the house for at least a week. it is a gas-fed fire that originated in the basement. at point no injurie
the traffic. >> good morning. we are seeing wet ads causing delays out here. in virginia 95 northbound slow prince william parkway to lorton. 15 minutes there. moving to 395. that's edsall to seminary and slowing down across the 14th street bridge. over to 66 eastbound. slow from 50 to 123. going to get a little opening there and nutley to the beltway is where you will slow down again. the graphic, inner loop is up to speed. no problems past 66. outer loop in maryland, we are slowing down from new hampshire to colesville right now. five to ten extra minutes there. no real problems yet. andrea? >>> the summer is officially over for thousands of children and parents in virginia. those yellow buses are ready to roll. the bells are about to ring. it is the first day for most districts in the commonwealth. the biggest system going back to school today, fairfax county. digital correspondent kristin fisher is live in learn don't with a look ahead. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. we are less than three hours from the opening bell here at coats elementary and it is shaping up to be a rainy f
the 95 corridor from wwfeun, prince wliam, sprinkles and most of it is hanging over northern virginia. we're in the 60's and not a big temperature shift. off and on showers and very much overcast skies. probably not a good ingredient to throw into the terrible traffic mix. >> that is true. it is up to you. be careful in the neighborhoods. many callers tell us there has been a crash. traffic out of virginia. crashed at the virginia end of the american legion bridge. it is along the left side of the road. this is torched virginia. they will be distracted, i am sure. now to top stories. >> everybody is having some more, back to work or back-to- school. we have team coverage and we will check in with pamela brown in just a few moments. >>> more students head back to school today. fairfax, prince william, and loudoun county schools of all open today, along with arlington and alexandria counties. >>> students will hear a message from the commander in chief later today. some students and parents do not want politics in the classroom. courtney robinson is live outside of wakefield high school for
in virginia. a cabdriver said mccroskey told him he had a fight over his girlfriend over a text message she received from another man. they say he killed his girlfriend, her parents and her friend. the murders happened at a home new long wood university. >>> in california, family and friends father for the funeral of annie le. she is the grad student found murdered on the day she was supposed to be murdered. >> reporter: surrounded by family, annie le's casket slowly made it into the church he attended as a child. this would be the final good-bye. >> may she now share with him eternal glory. >> reporter: it was a service to celebrate her life, but one also filled with irmeasurable sorrow. she spoke to the man annie loved. >> even now, annie is gone, but i still have you and love you very much. like my son. >> reporter: annie le grew up in california and later enrolled in yale. d her body was found in a research building where she worked. she was discovered on the day le was to be married. a lab technician, raymond clark, was charged with murder. >> i believe that from anybo that i say that
the west virginia mountaineers. due to kick off on espn2 at 7:45. we're in a little bit of a rain delay. there is lightning in the area hoping to get you this game as soon as we can. likely in about a half an hour. >> s.e.c. country. the players have to leave but fans will stay right in the stands. >> byu struggling number 7 trailing florida state, 20-7. 6:30 to go in the second quarter. right now though we want to get you back out to lsu. eric collins and brock huard has the call. >> eric: tigers on top of louisiana-lafayette by a score of 14-3. 11:26 remaining here in the first half. first time the two schools have met since 2006. lsu a 5-3 winner. three seasons ago. brett will kick it on after the field goal made by albrecht. on the ground. picked up by brooks, bottled a little bit. nowhere to go. that's a disaster. just down to the 16 yard line. a loss of two. on the return. >> brock: jefferson starting out shaky. you saw the high throw, interception. late down the field but it's how you respond to adversity as a quarterback and it's really nice when you have 6'3 point'playmakers th
>>> less than two months to go now until virginia voters choose their new governor. >> a new poll shows the race is at a dead heat. we have a look at what the candidates said when they met face to face yesterday. >>> the obama administration under fire for its decision to ditch a missile defense plan but the pentagon says a new approach is better. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. >>> glad you're with us on a friday morning as we look at the u.s. capitol on this friday, september 18, 2009. thank you for waking up with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is in with what we can expect today. a little damp outside. >> a little bit of fog as well. we've got cloudy skies. not the most pleasant start to a day we can have but i think the day willen up fine. take a ook. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. you can see we have showers -- not showers, sorry, clouds in over us this morning. they will be there for a while as they are pushing in from the southwest. the precipitation you see out there, we don't expect to move into our area
: welcome back, everyone, to espn prime time. west virginia leading by seven after the missed extra point a few moments ago by tyler bitancurt but an impressive opening drive using up a little over three minutes on the clark and noel devine with his career high third touchdown of the night. >> bob: amazing how jarrett brown totally under the radar because of pat white, he's every bit as elusive as a runner as pat white. you just never really had a chance to see it on a consistent basis. >> mark: waited four long years. terrell zachery for them. he stepped out of bounds at the 81 yard line. >> referee: number 43, ten-yard penalty, first down. >> mark: back to davie jones locker. >> bob: when a guy is first named head coach there is a bit of a honeymoon period where everything is positive. that wasn't the case with gene chizik. high percentage of the auburn fans negative because of his 5-19 record at iowa state coming in. but i think people overreacted to that record keep. keep in mind, pete carroll was the sixth pete. usc fans were in an uprage over him getting the job. >> mark: things wor
,000. >> 130 properties across the washington area and west virginia were on the block this weekend. they ranged from $5,000 to $615,000. all of the homes are being sold as is. prospective buyers could inspect the properties before bidding on them. there were several auction sites including this one in falls church. >> we are getting them under contract. we have lenders trying to approve offers and get the hands of the community on these properties to get them fixed up, repaired and moved into. >> they presold 30 of the homes before bidding began today. >>> still ahead, several people were attackedy a bear. at a crowded bus station this bear appeared in the crowd and we have the bizarre story coming up. >>> a driver can recovering at her car is hit with such force it ends up on top of another car. what caused the crash has her fuming. >>> she's had quite a year but how much would you pay for dinner with sarah palin? chuck, that question was not directed directly at you. >> i would love to share a hotdogith her at fedex field. beautiful weather for football tomorrow. what about the w
scattered across northern virginia, maryland, the district and west virginia this morning and it's a cool morning. we're in the 60s to near 70 degrees. now 69 in washington. and it's in the upper 60s eastern shore, mid-60s out in the mountains. we do have some other scattered showers moving from west to east that will be with us here through the morning but then we dry out this afternoon, a little sunshine breaking out as highs will be in the 60s. in fact we're in the 70s now, drop to the 60s by later on this morning and into the afternoon. 50s by dawn tomorrow, maybe some more showers saturday afternoon and evening, into sunday morning. drying out sunday afternoon, maybe some showers monday afternoon. a look into next week in ten minutes at 5:11. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you very much. let's go to ashley linder now and the news 4 traffic network. good morning to you. >> do you have on shoes, ashley? >> i actually don't, shockingly enough. see, i'm a sock person. i just like the feel of feet in the -- in the element, their natural element. >> i agree with you, ashley. >> as long as the
quarterback for the mountaineers. >> bob: west virginia used the time-out. we need to talk about chris todd, the quarterback from auburn. you know, last year, not healthy. played, shoulder surgery in december. had no velocity on the football. the fans booed him. the football team was divided. no spring practice. came in and won the job. you talk about a background. goes to high school in kentucky. his dad is a coach. goes to texas tech for two years. leaves texas tech, goes to hutchinson junior college in kansas and comes in here really because of tony franklin last year's coordinator who he had a relationship with because he was a consultant for his high school when they put the offense in. it's been a long journey but he's thrown four touchdown passes. >> mark: 16 of 30 overall for 284 yards. >> bob: big third down, mark. >> mark: able to rocket all the way to the top of the depth chart. third and seven. they're coming after him. got it off and incomplete. boy, they were in hot pursuit. goulbourne was a hair away from bringing him down for a sack. >> bob: he had mario fannin wide open but
morning, virginia. an accident at 50 eastbound at annandale. expect delays going through that area. and finally we will head 66 eastbound. a live shot there. a little volume in that area. we're at 50 otherwise clear to the beltway. >>> we continue to follow a developing story this morning. firefighters responded to the gabon embassy overnight at the 2,000 block of 20th avenue in northwest washington. a fire department spokesman says he fire appears to have started in the base and spread to the first floor. no one was inside when the fire started. it sustained $100,000 in damage. >>> it will be a busy start to the week for many people in dundalk, maryland who are still cleaning up after a major water main break flooded 100 homes. wusa 9 digital correspondent alex trevino is in the information center with the latest developments. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, angie. people are trying to pick up the pieces right now and taking it one day at a time. the cleanup process is not easy. under the debris, ruin christmas ornaments. the worst part their home has water damage,
cilyaleast and uptown inlyin maryland, virginia is not going to see t is stormaryland storm locally heavy rainfall. here inth e dist wvehahave of got of that st f isstea, is rts hour or bett er, pelycies al , ere across gegeou'sor ccein nty. george's county. coming down across southern maryland. windy today with highs only near 70 degrees. right now 60 wet degrees in washington, good morning, angie. >> hello, happy friday to everybody, including you howie. i want you for follow me, we got a lot of incidents out there. on the outer loop at clara barton an accident taking away the left lane. drivers are slow from river road to the scene. then notice on the northbound gw parkway on the ramp to access the inner loop we know that only the shoulder is getting by because of another crash. we will take it outside and show you the outer loop, we are slow, a lot of volume from new hampshire over to that road. factor extra minutes. see that spray on our cameras. >>> back to the bw parkway back to the map headed southbound past route 50 a new crash scene just popped up. on virginia's side of things n
approaching mt. wilson, home to television towers. >>> and virginia's quiet race for governor just got a little noisy. republican candidate bob mcdonald kicking off a controversy over a graduate thesis he wrote 20 years ago, attacking gays, unwed couples. mcdonald said he changed his views. this is giving his rival lots of ammunition. more on the story. >> reporter: well it is pounce mode for the campaign. far behind in the polls, the candidate is attacking the talk of a 34-year-old college student who now at 55 is possibly the next governor of virginia. frontrunner bob mcdonald of alexander, a former attorney general is under fire tonight for views he expressed 20 years ago in this master's thesis, dutied the republican party's vision for the family. calling working women bad for the family, saying that government policy should favor married couples over gays. in a call this afternoon, mcdonald was on the defensive. >> my views as a graduate student in 1989 are in very many ways different 20 years later. >> reporter: not so says a spokesperson for the virginia state senator. >> this i
off and headed west. if you know what happened, call police. >>> to virginia now. the medevac helicopter struck by a strain in alexandrea. another tough day again dealing with the aftermath of the serious accident. fox 5s karen gray houston has more. what happened here? >> reporter: metro is elaborating what happened. it's hard to believe there have been another accident on metro. the employee who was stuck, struck by that train was seriously injured. he is 44 years old. has job is as a field communications technician and he was hit on the track to hit the braddock road station and reagan national airport. now, when the emergency responders arrived, they had to take the stairs to retrieve the man. the technician had apparently been doing something on the track when struck by the train. the metro worker was rushed to the hospital via medevac. metro tells us he's worked for the system for almost 13 years, works on the track structure and maintenance office and his job involves repairs to the communications network that alert the operations control center about vital information
, particularly east of i- . this is confined, aain, to wester maryland and west virginia. in cumberland, hancock, there. otherwise, gray skies, maybe a peak of sunshine. some showers south and east of the metro area later on today. >>> we go back to beverly with what we may call a commute? >> some will call it a commute. we are in great shape with travel time for folks headed in on the west from the greenway. no incidents. a reminder that h.o.v. restrictions for the federal ia,iday are listed in virgin but on i-270 and 50 in maryland, it is in the fed, not that you need those lanes. let's check it out for folks heading into springfield. this is in great shape. we have had no incidents or accidents to report. nice ght volume to deal with. back to you. >> beverly farmer, thinking. >>> the holiday this year is dealing with an economy still struggling to get back on its feet. courtney robinson is live with more on these hardships. >> good morning, doug. yes, especially when you consider those that are unemployed. 7 million jobs have been lost. unemployment is at a 26-year high. still, looking on the
. it is moving up to speed. no incidents. going into virginia northbound is a clear commute. and the 14th street bridge. and coming from gainesville and here all the way to the beltway. no problems this morning. >> thank you, chris. >>> the flu and most likely the h1n1 strain is already spreading rapidly across many campuses, including the university of maryland. now metro is announcing precautions it is taking to keep the subways clear of the virus. he would have more. >> reporter: good morning. metro put together the best packs on dealing with any pandemic and deal with the h1n1. metro isic ting proactive steeps to make sure the system that movings over a million riders every day is not a breeding ground for the h1n1 flu this season. this includes stepping up an aggressive cleaning schedule and environmentally schedule. >> it is a tough schedule. >> reporter: they are educating workers on hygiene and has hand sanitizers for staff. there will be announcements for passengers to wash their hands and use their sleeves within they sneeze. >> i watch my hand as lot. i carry wipes with me. >> repo
cars at 121. no problems to report. over to 66 eastbound out of centreville in virginia, good morning, a smooth ride to far. no incidents or accidents. a problem spot in virginia at the inner loop. a disabled vehicle at little river turnpike at this hour blocking the left lane. be aware of that as you head out in that area. and finally, 395 northbound from duke to the 14th street bridge no problems there. back to you. >>> many people in dundalk, maryland, are picking up the pieces after a major water main break flood 100 homes. wusa 9 digital correspondent alex trevin organization has more. >> reporter: many homeowners are waking up to find their homes full of debris. their flooded homes will keep them busy trying to recover anything of value. >> the cleanup process is not easy. ruined christmas ornaments and the worse part their home has water damage, almost six feet of water filled their basement after a main ruptured between dundalk and broening highway. >> we had a finished basement and our house was up for sale and we were trying to move but it will be a little longer now before
downs. in to virginia, 66 eastbound you are slow from route 50 to 123 and then clear until the gallows road and then starts to back down approaching the beltway. moving to our graphics. tracking the inner loop. nothing but green cars on the inner and outer loop as you make your way through virginia and finish with 95 northbound in virginia. slow from the prince william parkway all the way to lorton. in the usual delay. happens every time about this time every morning and we are about 15 minutes right now. angie, over to you. >>> most redskins fans are gearing up for the preseason finale but others are mad after getting sued by their favorite team. armando trull is live in the information center with the story. >> good morning. the redskins regular season hasn't even begun yet and already many fans are fuming over allegations that the burgundy and gold's front office was scalping hundreds of prime tickets to brokers as fans who wanted the seats were sidelined. now some fans could be changing their tune from hail to the redskins to jailed by the redskins. >> redskins sued my father. wha
, virginia voter -- a version of roeder reflected on the speech. she came away more convinced that some things you heard about the plan are not true. >> i think he clarified it. >> shields to run your family business near boston. g already favored the president's plan, -- he already favored the president's plan, but like his town. >> he looked angry and said, i am setting the record straight, and he did. >> the census bureau has released some new numbers in terms of people who do not have a health insurance. the number of uninsured is 46.3 million in 2008. that is up from 25.7 million in 2007. but the number of people without insurance in 2008 is still up 7 million from 2006. the next according to this security kit, jauch will bamann pulled up to a security station and said he wanted to park. officers found an unregistered firearm in his truck. but they say his intentions are unclear. >> u.s. companies are laying off fewer workers, but then there are scenes like this. 5000 people lining up in hopes to find a job on wednesday. foreclosure filings remain near live record levels. they're s
. three of them -- three of them were plotting to attack the marine base in virginia. today, emergency responders held exercises to prepare should something like that happen in our era. let's take you back to the top story. the man in frederick who killed his wife, his children, the dog, then turned the gun on himself. >> reporter: this quiet area, friends d neighbors are trying to make sense of the unthinkable as they struggle to understand the makeshift memorial grows. sarah brought flowers for her friend and classmate. my mom told me this morning she was dead. i had a little bit of tears coming down from me. she was one of the best people i knew. >> reporter: 7-year-old, 14-year-old and her mother were all found dead in their beds friday. police believe charles dalton shot his wife and children as they slept, even the family dog, then turned the gun on himself. a co-worker came to check on the family after jennifer didn't show up for work friday. neighbors say it's hard to believe. >> just sweet, great kids. very devout church going family, so people in the neighborhood are trying t
puertas... en otras informaciones, w7 virginia ya comienza a prepararse para un even??? ???? alexandria... claudia ucede nos trae los detalles de la visita... no todos se saben lavar bien las manos,para prevenir el contagio de la infleunza h1n1.. ni el mismo gobernador tim kaine... nat varios ninos de 9 anos le dijeron que no se habia lavado bien las manos ellos saben bastante yo aprendi de ellos la manera para lavarse las manos el gobernador de virgnia tim kaine visito la escuela primaria samuel tucker en alexandria para dar a conocer su plan contra la inlfuenza a n1h1, pero en el intento de fomentar educacion, varios ninos le dijeron que no uso suficiente jabon ni tampoco se lavo las manos el tiempo requerido, 20 segundos... el no conto el abecedario ademas de anunciar que las escuelas publicas no cerraran de presentarse casos, kaine tambien dijo que las vacunas contra la influeza a h1n1 estaran listas a mediados de octubre... es un programa voluntario pero a la mitad de octubre recibimos las vacunas
, between west virginia and winchester, we have a light sprinkle and toward westminster, closing in on baltimore. that is pretty much it. we will continue as a to see these sprinkles into the evening. a around dinnertime, the skies should clear and this will set the stage for temperatur to plummet. the highs will range from the mid 60's to the low 70's down and lower southern maryland. tonight, some of the coldest air we have seen in a couple months. >>> irfax city police have charged a prince william county father and his daughter with recruiting students to a gang. theodore olds directed the local set of the bloods. according to the affidavit, he and his daughter recruited across northern virginia. authorities are holding but in fairfax. fairfax county may raise taxes to cope with the growing budget shortfall. they could be an increase in the real estate tax rate. officials are considering a car registration fee that could bring the county $27 million. >>> the battle lines are being drawn deeper and the sound in battleground virginia. regional and gender te fights are coming in
are allowing the teachers to make the decision. >> i have seen e-mails to parents that counties in virginia sent out saying that we will tape the speech and show it later because the first day of school is a really important day. >> reporter: if parents don't want their children to view the president's comments, they can opt out. it will begin tomorrow at wakefield at noon. claudia coffey, fox 5 news. back to you. >>> president obama spent part of his labor day in ohio at the annual afl-cia picnic. he told them that the americans reinvestment act is working. he won't be satisfied until there are a lot more jobs. >> for the second straight month we lost fewer jobs than the month before and the fewest jobs that we had lost in a year. make no mace stick, we are moving in the right direction. >> reporter: the president called on the labor unions to help him with the health care fight in congress. rewsneedge on d.c. now. violence erupting outside a church in the southeast. a gunman opened fire on two teenagers. the 14 and 15-year-old boys are recovering. the shooter shot nine times. >>> to virgi
must be complete by the end of november so that buyers can be eligible for the tax break. >>> virginia's tourism industry generated billions in revenue last year. it generated $19.2 billion in 2008. it provided more than $1.2 billion in state and local tax revenue. >>> the race to be the next governor is getting tighter. the fight is between bob macdonald and creeeeds. it gives him a 5% at lead over deeds. the poll was conducted by research group and has a margin of error of 4%. we are live with the latest developments in the race. and >> we are setting the stage for tomorrow's northern virginia debate between these two candidates. their words are goin to touch effectively as a big segment of the undecided population. from the children pose a clothing store, whoever becomes the next virginia governor needs to focus on the economy. >> i am hoping for someone who comesn tsupport small businesses. >> who will be that person? for now, this race is too close to call. polls have been in almost a tie. the 20% margin of undecided voters is the wild card in this election. >> i will have to wait
was wrong. reporting live, abc news. >>> to the latest in virginia's gubernatorial race. the former governor is not going to endorse either candidate even though president back obama asked him to support deeds. they say that both candidates are well suited to be governor. the campaign says it respects the decision and will still seek his advice on issues. bob macdonanell picked up an endorsement. the our web site, you have until october 1 to submit any video questions that you have. see if the candidate to answer questions coming on october 6 at 7:00 p.m.. >>> senator robert byrd is back, after spending a couple of days in the hospital. the 91-year-old fell at a did not break any bones. doctors noticed he had a high white cell count which could signal infection. a spokesperson says that the west virginia senator will continue to take antibiotics before returning to capitol hill for the health-care debate. >>> accused of taking a bribe. >> and nestle security threat caught on tape as border patrol officials accepted bribes to let illegal immigrants into the u.s.. >> and of the virgi
the outside linebacker from west virginia. notice tate back in the football game as they'll go to a quick quit right here. >> mark: start out of the shotgun. incomplete. and the mountaineers take over on downs. so this funnels us to perhaps the questioning of the play calling for arguably the first time tonight. a pivotal point. >> bob: i have to wonder as we look at this formation. both running backs up in wing positions and tight end. i thought they would pooch punt the football right there. you wonder if the quarterback automatic based on one-on-one coverage to the passion. i really believe that was a pooch punt formation. i believe i mab be wrong but that was an odd-looking formation. >> mark: first and ten for the mountaineers. brown downfield incomplete intended for his roommate, alric . is this a state trooper that made the grab. >> bob: a lot of back snapping. somebody what is to bring law and order to the gridiron. >> bob: that's a west virginia state troop their came down tonight. >> mark: second and ten. intercepted. take ricks. >> bob: that's the third turnover that will lead to po
. >> reporter: well, good morning. virginia state police rarely give out the surveillance video that they can record off of their dashboard, the dash boards of cruisers. they believe what you see, namely how the suspect gets out of the car and runs away. they think that will be familiar to people who know this individual. they are hoping that somebody will see this person's gait and recognize him. he drove after being chased by police. the video clip taken by a video camera mounted on the dashboard shows a man running from police. it's a key piece of evidence that began in gainesville, virginia, and ended in a multicar crash in temple hills. >> what the video shows is actually the suspect exiting the victims' vehicle. the way he comes out of the vehicle, he has the unique kind of way he carries himself, in doing that, as we watched it, we thought there was unique things about that that may help us to identify him. >> reporter: it happened last thursday a woman was car jacked and abducted at gun point from a target parking lot, and a witness dialed 911 and followed the car. the gunman lost con
washington. their message for president obama. >>> dropping the "f" bomb. a virginia politician gets his words mixed up. how the race for governor took a vulgar turn on radio. >>> good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm keith garvin. it's sunday, september 13th, 2009. we'll get right to the forecast. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, keith and good sunday morning everybody. off to a quiet start across the area this morning. all of the clouds wooefl bn dealing around with here, they are starting to pull away from the area. believe it or not, we're going to have a mostly sunny afternoon. right now, though, off to a delightfully cool start this morning. 58 degrees in fairfax and loudon counties this morning, 63 downtown, 55 in frederick, maryland and 60 degrees on the nez in brandywine this morning. the dew points are in the upper 60s. we have to watch out for patchy fog first thing this morning. other than that, we see increasing amounts of sunshine. keith, you'll find this hard to believe. we might be over 80 degrees today for the first time in the week. >> 80s do still exist? that
virginia watermen are not playing by the same rules. >> it is slow here today. i believe the crabs made their run here. >> my grandfather left this for me and in better shape than it is in now. it is my responsibility to take care of what we left me. you can't just keep taking and taking and expect resources to provide a living all these years. it doesn't work that way. >> 2008 we really improved our cooperation with virginia. both states agreed to 34% reduction in harvest. we approach had the reduction differently. for blue crab, imparticular, these crabs that are saved up in maryland do swim down to virginia and spawn down there. so, any savings you have in maryland, if it is harvested in virginia it is not realized in the population. >> that's a nice jimmy hard crab. we are not allowed to keep a sponge crab. that's a female with egg cluster on her. in virginia they are still allowed to keep her. >> we need to preserve this for the economy, for our culture, for our watermen. >> this weekend will be a busy one if you are a horse racing fan. one huge event is the 24th annual maryland m
is there is a detour in place. follow drivers there. 66 eastbound, hello, virginia from 50 to 123. watching the taillights stack up. no incidents or accidents along the way. 95 northbound from the prince william parkway to lorton we are estimating the delay at ten minutes. that's a quick look at traffic. over to you. >>> today president obama turns his focus to health care. he's going before congress and the american people pushing his reform message. digital correspondent armando trull is on the hill with a preview. >> reporter: the political stakes are very high for president obama. the speech he delivers tonight to a joint session of congress could make or break his push for health care reform and that success or failure could define the rest of his pregnancy. throughout the summer americans have expressed their anger and frustration over health care reform and many have asked tough questions. >> if this bill is so good, then would you commit right now and to this town hall, and even to the national audience to making every member of congress subject to the provisions in this bill for i
hills, maryland where the chase ended. it started in virginia. virginia state police say a man carjacked a vehicle with a woman still inside. officers went after him. eventually, that chase came to an end here and the man ran off. police are still looking for him. they think he may be armed with a gun. the woman wasn't hurt. >>> we are learning more about the death of a burglary suspect in the hands of a johns hopkins student wheeling a samurai sword. suspect is 42-year-old donald rice fresh out of prison. the home owner told police originally that the suspect lunged at him and he struck back. new information reveals that the suspect was in the yard crouched down in the corner when the owner struck him and killed him. >> the simple fact he had a sword and his intent was to kill whatever was back there that he thought may be trying to harm him. if he thought it was something trying to harm him, he we out with the intent to kill whatever it was j he probably just lost control a bit. i can't blame him. he already had two thupgs stolen that day. >> reporter: police say the home was burglariz
george's county, arlington, montgomery counties. the panhandle of west virginia, there is more cloudiness so temperatures are in the 70s. a little breeze off the bay will keep it cooler there as well as on the eastern shore. only in the low 70s now out in the mountains, these are the current temperatures here are the current dew points down to 65 in washington, the dew point was at 70 at dawn, so it has dropped 5 degrees. it's drying out. we'll continue to see the drier air filtering in on a northerly wind into the afternoon. over the lastix hours we've seen clouds coming in from the norths that weak front is moving through. fothe rest of the afternoon, partly sunny and becoming less humid as the afternoon progresses but hot in the upper 80s by mid afternoon with a northerly breeze. a look at big changes coming our way. a cooldown commencing tomorrow and into the weekend. it will be coming up in a few minutes. >> okay, tom. thank you. >> let's get the traffic right now. steve is in the news 4 traffic network. >> good morning. we're going to start with a live look at the beltway in silver
over to 66 eastbound, good morning virginia, hope everybody is doing well. traffic wise, a little bit of volume, all clear to the beltway and finally, we will head over to see 95 northbound between prince william parkway to lornton, angie, back to you. >>> thank you, we begin with a developing story we first told you about last night. police are searching for a carjacking suspect who led virginia state police on the chase into maryland. this all happened around 9:30 last night. we are told the suspect carjacked a female driver in virginia and held her captive inside the vehicle. when virginia state police caught up with him, he led them on a chase across the patomac. prince georges county police cornered the driver. that's when he jumped out of the car and ran. >>> the federal government has begun a campaign, which targets any rumors about the effects of the h1n1 vaccine. the first shots should be available next month. 9news now, armando trull is live in our information center with more. good morning, armando. >> good morning. the government is concerned that those internet rumors co
police through two states this morning. the suspect is still out there on the loose. it began in virginia last night. take a look at this video. this is where it ended, in tim pell hills, maryland, on st. barnabus road near the beltway. a man carjacked a vehicle with the woman still inside. officers chased him here until the man jumped out and ran off. the woman was not hurt. >>> in the meantime, a traffic alert on the other side of the beltway tonight. from midnight until 5:00 a.m., v-dot will shut down the entire beltway for 30 minutes at a time. the ramps from and to chain bridge road will be closed to move power lines as part of the dulles rail project. >>> transportation dominating the race for governor in virginia. this morning itooks like we could start to see a shift in the race things are new poll numbers out, fresh off a candidate faceoff in northern virginia and the ballots can be cast now. sherry has it covered in alexandria this morning with more details. sherry. >> reporter: as this race begins to come down to the wire, it is getting much closer and it is still a month and a
of the rain is along the 95 corridor from northern virginia and in southern maryland. otherwise, anticipate a few sprinkles. gray skies today. if you degrees cooler than yesterday. kids, you can wear anything to school. it is not going to be too warm or too cool. have your umbrella with you. welcome to terrible traffic tuesday. >> we are more concerned with traffic coming out of your own neighborhood and the county roads. beltway travel, we will keep an eye on. with the kids heading out to school and walking to school, be careful of this morning. have the stopping distance you feel comfortable with. this is the beltway. it is wet but not too wild. plenty of road sporadic in your way. 95, 66, and live in loudoun county looks ok. no problems on route 4, route 5, into southeast is good. >> thank you. >>> father, 12, 64 degrees. the beatles are back at this time you conjoin in. butirst, the back-to-school backlash. a check on some of the other backlash. a check on some of the other but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-do. i do 22 more inspections than theove
, virginia. good morning, washington. >>> fire crews in california are finely burning kuwait some of the temper of the fire in los angeles. the fire is more than 60% contained after burning through to wondered 60 square miles. >>> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it is kind of breezy out there on this thursday morning. any breaks in the clouds? yesterday was a beautiful afternoon. >> everything fell into place perfectly yesterday. then the clouds rolled in and we had a few showers blass night. -- a few showers came in last night. we mdsure the wind direction. weave beenuravmeasing some wmed gustsme up to 20 miles an hour. a breezy day today but comfortable. 65 in arlington. a few sprinkles around the region, especially near a charles county and parts of the panhandle of west virginia 70 degrees today. most of the rain should hold off until late in the afternoon through tonight. >> we have an accident reported for maryland drivers. it is between 175 and route 32 on 95. leaving to get up into baltimore, everything is ok. nothing on the baltimore washington park
in winchester, virginia. dew points remain in the comfortable range, upper 50s to 60 degrees. and the fog out there this morning is gone. visibility is 10 miles or more across the area. that's welcome news. sunshine will give way to a little cloud cover this afternoon. on the whole a. usable outdoor whether day. >> thank you, chuck. >>> we are following a developing story. police in maryland are waiting word from theedical dybondmeou ftham. somebody foundosysi pbl s,inos pyblan bkslo ahe t banks creek. aan creek. ana mou fannd a foot behind his home. darcy spencer has the story. >> reporter: it was a bizarre and startling discovery along the creek. it's possible human remains were found along the shoreline. two feet and part of an arm, including a wrist. >> it's a very serious investigation being investigated as a possible homicide. now police are having second thoughts about the discovery. they say the medical examiner will have to determine if they belong to a human or animal, and possibly a bear. around 7:15 this morning a homeownered found a seferr sefe along the beach. and then there was
the weekend. >> it was nice. we needed it. it fell when i was hiking in west virginia. that's okay. got through it alive. let's get moving. all is clear at our bus stop and the kids are ready to go as we head in to school look at around. at the bus stop all is clear and temperatures in the 50s almost everywhere. manassas dipped down to the 40s. 8 there. 59 inside the beltway. 54 frederick, maryland. game plan today, no problems this morning, west virginia to the eastern shore. by lunch, from west to east, a couple of isolated showers, but still mild in the upper and middle 70s. more to come on the seven day when i see you next. how's the traffic? >> not looking good on 270. fortunately, that's how we kick things off with this major backup starting to build approaching 121. some crash activity is taking away traffic. crews are working hard to open one or two lanes of traffic. i will keep you updated with the latest on-line, as well. moving to the outer loop, a different story here. drivers are zipping by past university. the same situation around the beltway. to the maps we go, route 4,
and clear to the split. good morning, virginia. see how your commute is going. check 66 eastbound. we have a report of an accident at route 29 in centreville. it is backed up all the way past routes 234 but clear after the accident scene. moving to the inner loop this morning. green dares. one yellow car there. people going a little below speed. not too bad. and finally in the district, inbound new york avenue, around the times building this morning a bit slow but over wise so far so good. back to you. >> thank you. >>> maryland's intercounty connector highway will be open in a few years. the goal to speed along your morning commute. digital correspondent alex trevino is live in silver spring and says it will cost you plenty. hey there, alex. >> reporter: hi there, jessica. the question is, are people willing to avoid a traffic bottleneck. the goal is to relieve traffic congestion on back roads like the one here in silver spring and new hampshire avenue. the luxury of a traffic free highway is nothing free these days. >> time is always money. >> reporter: lescy has been looking forward to
out there. a lot of action towards pittsburgh, across west virginia and offshore there qu action there om ertoov rdwa tthe delmar, but thhee acbes the bea worst thworld. re norlwot d. not a lot of range in temperatures with the cloud cover and more humid atmosphere. dodging rain drops today, 75 by noon, highs mid to upper 70s, 68 at 6:00. good morning to chris sneed in the traffic center. >> good morning, howard. it has been a quiet a commute s far. we will track 95 and the bw parkway, nothing but green cars out of baltimore past 198 to the beltway. the outer loop live at coalsville, a few cars on the road, people getting their early morning start but overall a clear commute from five to 270. going into the district checking out the key bridge heading into georgetown this morning going to walk around do some shopping on labor day no problems as you make your way over to m street. checking out 395 in virginia a clear commute up to the 14th street bridge. 95 northbound in virginia no problems up to the mixing bowl. jessica, over to you. >> thank you, chris. >>> president obama is b
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